Tax Planning

Our efforts to understand our clients and their businesses give us a strong platform to advise on tax planning opportunities. 

We do not endorse any aggressive tax planning schemes, instead we use the range of tools available within the legal framework to reduce our clients' risk of HMRC enquiry.

Areas of tax planning of particular interest to our clients include:

Inheritance Tax

Working closely with our clients and their solicitors in a timely manner we will carry out a comprehensive review of your estate. This will help ensure that assets are passed on in a tax efficient manner to the next generation.

Capital Allowances

We actively get involved before any capital project begins to ensure that you maximise your capital allowance claim.

Six Year Loss Planning

Farming and horticulture have a restriction that only allows it to offset losses from its farming trade against other income for five successive years. This ability is lost in the sixth year, therefore it is important to make sure that the business is proactive in working towards a profit in its sixth year, or before if at all possible.