Our Clients

Whilst our clients are predominantly agricultural and rural businesses there is a huge diversity within this. They can be broadly divided into three groups:

Professional Farmers - Probably the largest proportion of our clients, who are producing food for a profit.

Landed Estates - Landowners who have farmland either managed in hand or let out; also a portfolio of property of which a proportion is let out.

Agribusinesses - Businesses who work closely with agricultural or rural industries either manufacturing products or supplying services.

Professional Farmers

  • Focused on one or two core enterprises.
  • Actively seeking to improve productivity and profitability
  • May farm other people's land or manage their businesses
  • Likely to have established an on farm diversification to develop new income streams.

Landed Estates

  • Land either farmed in hand or let out
  • Portfolio of property of which a proportion is let out
  • Trusts are actively used to protect the family assets.


  • Work closely with agricultural or rural businesses
  • Manufacture or process food.
  • Manufacture and sell products for use in the agricultural industry.


  • A number don't fall into any of the above but the people behind the businesses retain a love for the land and work in a rural environment.

One thing all our clients have in common is that they are looking for an accountant who is able to interpret the financial information in the accounts and identify the strengths and weaknesses in their businesses. We are willing to provide positive and proactive advice to help our clients make decisions about the future direction of their businesses.

Many of our clients are farming families, we have considerable experience of helping them to ensure that they successfully structure their businesses so that they can be passed onto the next generation with the minimum liability to capital taxes.